Blasted Out of Solid Rock Cliff by Local Miners

The Museum and Community Center are both located completely underground.

The Museum includes many displays, including real mining equipment.

The Community Center hosts a large array of meetings, parties, weddings, reunions, dances, and community gatherings. The Center features a large commercial kitchen, fully stocked bar, bathroom facilities, and around 10,000 square feet of floor space.

History: Blasted out of solid rock cliff by three Creede miners, construction of the museum began in 1990. County-hired laborers and volunteers completed all the other work, including rock removal, cribbing, rock batting and cement work. The next summer, tours were given to show actual mining in operation. The miners created 600 feet of drift with 22 displays, a gift shop and the Creede Community Center. Read more about the history of the space here.

Historical photo of miners in slideshow above- courtesy of the Creede Historical Society, photo #1718-MM-31. Print for sale at Creede Historical Library.


Upcoming Events at the Community Center

Quilters Show set up - Mon Sep 12 @ 8:00AM
Quilters Show set up - Tue Sep 13 @ 8:00AM
Quilters Show set up - Wed Sep 14 @ 8:00AM
Quilters Show set up - Thu Sep 15 @ 8:00AM
Quilters Show - Fri Sep 16 @ 8:00AM
Quilters Show - Sat Sep 17 @ 8:00AM
Quilters Show - Sun Sep 18 @ 8:00AM
Quilters Show clean up - Mon Sep 19 @ 8:00AM

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