Creede, as it is today, evolved from a history rich in mining and scenic surroundings. Silver was discovered here in 1889. Mining was the area's main industry through the years until 1985, when the Homestake Mining Company closed down the Bulldog Mine.

The concept for an underground mine began with Bob Louth in 1976, when he proposed building an underground fire station. This project was so well accepted that in 1990 local citizens decided to build a Mining Museum and Community Center. Three Creede miners began breaking rock in November, 1990. By 1992, the mining portion of the Museum was completed and most of the displays were in place.

While the Museum and Community Center have never been used for the commercial production of silver, the spaces were 'mined' from solid rock and are an authentic example of the methods and techniques used in the 'boom' days of the silver rush in Creede, Colorado.

Humphry's Mill photo - courtesy of the Creede Historical Society, photo #1869-MHC-35. Prints for sale at Creede Historical Library.

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